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Intelligent control system is my stove factory in ten years of research and programmable control system based on the stove , with its unique dedicated stove electric control valve ( patent number : ZL200910037537.4, ZL200910193325.5) as the core, after four years of research and development from the new control system . Electric control valve ( hereinafter referred to as the motor valve ) has four outlet , respectively, to control two -burner , the outer ring of fire fire size and gas shut -off function, its small size , light weight, low power consumption and so on.
By the motor valve and controller combined into intelligent stove control system, simple structure , reliable work.
3V DC power supply, battery or power adapter available separately powered or battery powered and power adapter simultaneously . Using two ordinary large manganese batteries, operating time up to 300 hours or more.
The system is touch button control mode, press the display to be divided into color digital LED and LCD screen in two ways. The specifications for the LCD screen mode .
By way of flame detection can be divided into single- needle thermocouple sensor flame and ignition ( flame ionization sensor ) two kinds .

Intelligent LCD stove installation manual download (please click)

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