This factory is specialized in the production of various burner controllers and impulse ignitors, founded in 1990, with 160 employees, and equipped with a researching and developing team consisting of more than 20 engineering technicians at middle or high level in various fields. The annual output of burner controllers and impulse ignitors reaches to 3 million sets.

Over the past dozen of years, this factory always adheres to the tenet of quality first and has established a complete set of technological and quality management system. This factory has passed ISO9001:2000 quality system certification, and part of products have passed CSA certification. Through efforts over many years, this factory is favored by the clients due to the excellent service, high product quality and high reliability.

This factory is technologically powerful. Over many years various automatic burner controllers and impulse ignitors with high quality and performance advanced in this industry have been invented continuously with this factory itself to control the core techniques. Of which:

The outdoor burner impulse ignitors have complete types with the maximum ambient-temperature-resistant temperature up to 120, and each spark energy is above 1.5mJ.Such products are supplied to the burner manufacturers at various levels at home and abroad; this factory has supplied products to Coleman Company for ten successive years, and the reliability level of part of products has reached to 100PPH, and many clients have exempted the inspection on our products.

Home gas burner controller: by catching up with various famous domestic manufacturers in the gas industry, the functions and characteristics of many types of products have ranked the leading level.

The commercial gas burner controller: with a series products including the intelligent gas baker controller, intelligent fermenting box controller, intelligent boiler controller and intelligent rice-steaming cabinet controller, this factory plays a role of driving the kitchenware industry forward, and its products have its market share above 80% regarding the commercial gas burners.

Double intense-absorption rotor valve, intelligent digital constant-temperature gas water heater control system, and program-controlled cookware are developed by integrating various items of patent technology. After marketing, such products have received a lot of favorable comment from many clients. Further, this company also supplies high-quality technological support to the clients, and is always ready to develop new products upon the demands from the clients and market.



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